We Are...

More than a daycare!

We are peace of mind providers and conquerors of guilt!

We know how it feels to look back and see your dog's face as you are walking out the door. We know the feeling of wanting to tell work you won't be making it in today because you would rather be cuddling and playing with your dog than looking at another spreadsheet. (That is exactly how we ended up here!) We know the difficulty of balancing your life with your dog's needs and wanting to show them as much love as they show you.

You can rest assured that while your dog is in our care we will provide them with a safe, healthy and loving environment.


At Privileged Paws we keep the number of dogs we care for at a manageable amount so our staff and dogs are not overwhelmed. This provides a safer environment while also allowing the staff to give all of the dogs plenty of love and attention.

A Community!

Besides providing a safe and fun environment for dogs, we want to provide an unrivaled experience for you as well! We want you to enjoy seeing us as much as your dog does. Through educational events, weekend activities and group outings, we want to connect dog owners and build a community. Please check out our calendar of events to see what we have coming up and feel free to recommend any activities you might be interested in us hosting.