Dog Daycare

Our number one priority is providing your dogs a safe and healthy environment to enjoy. To achieve this we have certain criteria that must be met by each dog enrolled.

Each dog must be at least 16 weeks of age, in good health, and free of fleas and ticks to participate. Any dog 8 months or older is required to be spayed or neutered. Each dog must be current on their vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper (DHPP), and Bordatella and also be on preventative medication for fleas/ticks and heartworm.

After all of the initial criteria above is met, an owner must submit an application detailing their dog's behaviors and personality. That application is thoroughly reviewed by our staff prior to a temperament test. On your dog's first day of daycare, we will conduct a temperament test. This test is a series of exercises that help determine if the dog will do well in a group play environment, and it is completed before the dog may enter the play rooms.

Once your dog passes the temperament test, we recommend starting with a half day, if possible. This is a new place with new faces for them so a half day gives them a gradual introduction to their new environment, without overwhelming them too much.

Our space is separated into two rooms. One is for larger dogs, and the other is for smaller dogs. We will also analyze the energy levels and dynamics of the dogs each day to see which room they would be better suited in. We have a special rubber floor in each room that is easy on the dogs' joints and reduces slipping and sliding during play.

Each member of our staff is trained in Pet CPR and First Aid.

Daycare is available Monday through Friday, from 7am to 7pm. Each full day of daycare includes one walk. We can provide feedings at no additional cost. However, we understand  food choices vary among owners and dogs, so we ask that their food be provided by you. We can administer medications by mouth only, at no additional cost.

We would love for you and your precious pooch to join our family. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have about daycare enrollment.


Privileged Paws is making a visit to the groomer fun! Tie it in with a daycare visit and it is a great day of play and pampering for Fido! We offer full grooming services for any size dog. 

Doggy Parties

Birthdays! Adopt-a-versary! Graduation from Obedience School! Winning Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! Whatever the celebration may be, we would be delighted to host your doggy event! You get the fun of a party without the worries of the mess - how nice! We can assist with planning, decorations, invites, dog treats, etc or just provide the space. Please contact us to discuss your needs and our party options.