A Day of Privilege


As we turn on to Weaver Street I know I am about to have a day of fun with my friends at Privileged Paws. My parents enjoy a pleasant conversation and then head out for whatever it is they do while I play.


I tussle around with some of my buds, chase some balls and listen to music. Oh and I watch what the humans are doing. Wherever they go and whatever they do, I am watching. After awhile I need some rest. Thankfully there are beds around that I can relax on when I need a break. 


This is when we get to go out for walks in the neighborhood behind Privileged Paws. We cruise around and make sure our territory is marked before heading in for the designated rest time. The humans put away the toys and put on some soothing tunes. Some meditate and others snore as we await the afternoon play session.


I challenge a few pals to a tug of war game. No one can beat the champion, but I still let them try. Since there is a small human to dog ratio, I get lots of attention from the humans. I especially love the belly rubs!


This is when my parents come to get me and tell me how much they missed me. We thank my Privileged Paws family for being so awesome to us and then we head home where I sleep peacefully  on the couch dreaming of the next adventure at Privileged Paws. It's a a good life I am living!